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Your donations today can help the people affected by these current natural disasters.

Interested in volunteering?  Just fill out a volunteer form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Current Relief Efforts: Service

Hello everyone. This is our official list of donations needed for this trip to Texas. All monetary donations can be done at any Chase bank, through PayPal, or the donation link on our website at If you want to donate anything off the list please let us know and we can make arrangements to get it. We will stop collecting physical donations on March 14th to allow our members time to get everything together before leaving on the 17th. The list below is what Texas needs aside from hay. (Hay will be needed for multiple trips) We cannot accept any household items or clothing.  


Dog and cat food-bagged or canned. 

Unopened small animal first aid kits 

Specialty animal feeds (for those animals with allergies or special dietary needs)

Hand sanitizer 


Antibacterial hand wipes 

Small square bales of hay(for those people that don’t have the equipment to move large round bales because it was burnt)

6 foot T posts, fencing supplies, 12ga wire

Cattle feed 

Cat and dog crates

Hand tools. 

Large trash bins. 

Horse feed

Shovels and heavy duty rakes

Large contractor bags




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