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DRH 2021



Hello everyone! We need your help filling this trailer!! We will be headed to Ellis County Texas as soon as it’s loaded. We have a drop point in Ashland County Ohio and one close to Columbus Ohio. If you are not close to a drop point we have several options (just send us a message!). If you want to make a monetary donation for supplies, or diesel fuel, this can be done at any Chase Bank location or directly to a board member. (please contact DRH directly when you donate money to let us know what you want it used for) We also accept them on Facebook and here on the website, but it does takes time to receive them from Facebook. We will travel to pick up large donations (i.e. a skid of water).
We are putting this together very fast and would like to get it filled and headed to Texas as soon as possible. Items we need donated for this trip are listed below. Remember donations are tax deductible, and this is an urgent situation and we need to get this trailer on the road.
• Plumbing supplies

• Water-Bottled or gallons

• Non-perishable food items

• Money for diesel fuel to help with the transportation to Texas

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Disaster Relief Haulers (DRH) is a nonprofit Ohio corporation dedicated to disaster relief efforts. DRH has applied for federal tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) public charity and its application has been approved. Contributions are deductible for tax purposes.

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